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And the children were nestled all snug in their beds.....


Construction of Casa de Copii in Dornesfi, Romania began in 1991. The first children moved in the summer of 1993. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the region, nestled in a park like setting on the banks of the Suceava River.

After five years the children's rooms are in need of fresh paint and a little decorating. The orphanage is furnished with odds and ends that have been donated over the years. There are plenty of warm blankets and clean sheets, but nothing matches. Some children have quilts made for them by supporters. There are at least four children in a room and the only furniture at this time is beds. (Some of the older children do have a small locking chest or night stand made for them by a former missionary to keep their personal treasures.) The beds are old Army barracks type, long ago separated from most of their parts. Some have no legs so the beds sit right on the floor. The youngest children, ages 2, 3 and 4, sleep five and six children to a room on small mattresses on the floor. We don't have any beds to fit these tiny mattresses and there is no room for lull size twin beds.

The children in our care will be at Casa de Copii for many, many years. These rooms are the only home they will know until they grow up and are able to establish their own households.

The ministry would like to bless the children with new, sturdy beds. Romanian craftsman can build bunk beds that have two drawers for storage under the bottom bunk in our woodworking shop with wood purchased on the local economy. New mattresses will be purchased in the U.S. and a whole truckload will be shipped at one time. Baby beds for Bistrita will also be purchased in the U.S. and shipped. With all the pressing needs at the orphanage, this project can only be accomplished if supporters give a special donation designated for this purpose. Each bed will have a small brass plaque on the foot board with the name of the church, family or individuals that gave funds for the bed. Having only two bunk beds in a room will give the children more play area and make it possible to add a chair or desk or chest of drawers at a later time.

Our children do not mind the beds they have. They are content to have their own place to sleep and happy they do not have to share it with the rest of the family or 3 or 4 other kids in a state orphanage. When a child has never had a home and has always worn someone else's clothes -being the first person to sleep in a new bed is not something they dream about or pray for. New beds would be a surprise to delight and encourage them, but they are not necessary for survival.

When Jesus began to minister full time, he said he had no place to lay his head, but we know ~ and Joseph provided for all his material needs as he grew up in their care. He sent his disciples out with only their sandals and the clothes on their back, but this was a sacrifice and a step of faith for them. And they were reminded that "even foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests." We know how precious children are to Jesus and we pray this desire for new beds has been put on our hearts by the Holy Spirit

We submit this opportunity to you and to your family and your church for prayerful consideration.

Erin M. Weyench Executive Director - US.


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