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Message from Rolf

Rolf Buerki, is the Director of Walk in the Light Ministries in Switzerland Western Europe

The Message

I thank you for this opportunity to share with you about Walk in the Light Ministries in Switzerland and Western Europe. My introduction to the ministry was in 1984. My wife Elisabeth and I had planned a relaxing vacation at a Christian hotel at the Black Forest in Germany. At this hotel they have a worship service each morning and evening and we were looking forward to having some time to relax, rest and enjoy the word of God in a place where no one knew us. On our second morning at the hotel, a Tuesday, a group of young people were singing a song about the apostle Peter and how he walked on the water when Jesus called him to come out of the boat. We all know this story very well.

A Voice Speaking

At the time I didn't realize this song would have a special meaning to me, but that evening Brother Ilie arrived at the hotel. He was scheduled to speak Tuesday evening and would leave again on Wednesday. He would be addressing the audience in English and there was no one in the hotel that could translate for him in German. The manager of the hotel came to our table at dinner and asked if I could translate for the Romanian pastor that evening. Now at this moment I heard a voice saying to me "Now it is your turn", Leave your boat of convenience, of human security. Say yes and translate for this Romanian pastor." Then there was another voice that said "No. Don't do this". You are not used to translating and you don't know this man from Romania. You will make many mistakes and the people will have fun with you. You have a right to have a vacation to relax." I think all of us have heard these two voices in our lives when we have to make a decision. So much depends on how we answer when we hear God's voice. I thank God for the grace that I said yes and translated for Brother Ihe as well as it was possible for me at that time. And this was the beginning of Walk in the Light Ministries in Western Europe and the beginning of my friendship with Ilie Coroama.We had problems communicating because neither of us could speak in the other's mother tongue. So we were forced to talk to each other in English. Our English vocabularies were very limited, but this is not too difficult for our God.

The Book

In 1986 we started the newsletter in the German language for Switzerland and later for Germany, and then Austria. The ministry was very small and was concentrated mainly in Yugoslavia where Brother Ilie ministered at refugee camps. In 1989 we printed Ilie's book "Walk in the Light" in German. I believe most of you have read this book. It is a wonderful testimony of what God can do today. God used this book to open many doors. Then came the important year,1990. The iron curtain fell. The walls were opened and we could bring help to communist countries. There was a great readiness in Western Europe to help. We were able to transport thousands of bibles, clothing, food and medicine into Romania.

The Vision

When God revealed to us the desperate needs of the abandoned children of Romania, and the vision was planted to build a Christian children's home, we sent word to our friends in the newsletter. Immediately a man called and pledged $30,000 for this work. It was a great confirmation from God that this was his will. You know the rest of the story. Today we have two orphanages. The one in Dornesti has nearly 100 children. The facility in Bistrita is ready for occupancy as soon as the water purification problems have been resolved. Step out of the boat, my friends. Come to the Lord when he calls. Step out into the water and allow our God to use you for the purpose you were wonderfully made.

Rolf Buerki.


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