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My heart is especially drawn to one of the children. Is he/she available for adoption?

We receive these inquiries often from friends who have visited the orphanages or have seen photos of the children. Most of the children you will meet when you visit our orphanages or who are featured in the newsletter cannot be adopted because of Romanian law or the wishes of their birth parents. Our commitment to Romania and to the orphaned and abandoned children we serve is to raise these children in a loving, Christian environment in their homeland. The children who have been adopted, or who are currently waiting for their adoptions to be approved, were infants or very young toddlers when they were placed with Walk in the Light Ministries.

Will this change when you receive your adoption license in Romania?

When the Romanian Government grants our adoption license, we will begin receiving more children who are available for adoption. We believe that most of these will be newborns rescued from abortion.

I'm going to be travelling through Romania soon. Can I stop by to visit the orphanages?

It is preferred that you make inquiries with the U.S. Office before visiting the orphanages. To protect the children we require all visitors to complete an application form, sign a release and provide a written recommendation from their pastor before permission can be granted to visit the orphanages. Visitors who call the orphanages direct, or simply show up, place the staff in an awkward position. If you make arrangements through the U.S. office in advance, you will know the timing of your visit will be a blessing.

Can we provide monthly support for a specific child?

Yes. Each of the children have one sponsor who sends the ministry a tax deductible donation of $40.00 a month which helps us provide housing, food and medical care for the children. The sponsors also send their child birthday and Christmas gifts and sometimes correspond. As soon as The Children's Village in Bistrita opens, we will have several dozen new children needing sponsors. Please see the e-Mail message in reference to the additional 120 children, age newborn to 6 years old. These children are expected to arrive at the orphanage during the month of October 1998.

Do you accept donations of used clothing?

Please direct your donations of used clothing to a local U.S. charity. It is not cost effective for our supporters to pay postage to ship used clothing overseas - and the Romanian government requires extensive import and sanitation documents for used items brought into the country.

Where should we send gifts for the orphanage?

Packages can be mailed to our helpers in Bad Aibling, Germany. Our friends at "Hands That Help" bring supplies to the orphanages in Romania every six weeks. Mail packages to Stephen Abbott, Bad Aibling, Germany, CMR 407, Box 424, APO AE 09098.

Large shipments of heavy items are sent from Washington, Missouri by container several times a year. Call the U.S. office for delivery instructions. Please see additional instructions for large shipments.

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